Thursday, April 5, 2012

When the Shoe Is on the Other Foot

Christie must consult Dems to end stalemate on state Supreme Court

When reading this article I was immediately reminded of how quickly our two major political parties are able to switch goals in the middle of the game. As Senate democrats strongly decry the "obstructionist" delay tactics of the republicans across the aisle who do not want to see confirmations of many of Obama's court nominees, the members of NJ state Judiciary Committee are taking plays directly out what seemed to be (at least in recent years) the conservative playbook. They are refusing to accept any of Governor Christie's nominees until he selects a democrat.
Although I disagree with this strategy from either party I am pleased to see what some feel the best and most reasonable outcome of this standoff will be.
"The best hope is that the parties can settle on a moderate figure, from either party, who commands universal respect...To break this stalemate, both sides need to sit around a table and start trading résumés. Good-faith collaboration is the only pathway out of this mess."
Out of conflict comes compromise.

Roberto Rivera

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