Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Partisan gridlock in Washington – Who’s to Blame?

Newt Gingrich recently laid blame to Barack Obama for the partisan gridlock in Washington. “I think that the partisanship we’re seeing right now is almost entirely a function of Obama’s personality," said Gingrich. “As Speaker of the House, I had to work with Bill Clinton for practical reason – if he didn’t sign it, it wouldn’t become law. So I had to find a way to be bipartisan in order to get something done.”

“Getting people to work together in a legislative environment requires a personality that’s willing to listen to people and willing to try to work with them,” he added. "And I don’t sense any of that in the current president.”

The former speaker of the house seems to have forgotten that gridlock was at its height when he single-handedly shut down government for purely partisan reasons. Gingrich is running for president and some times campaigning calls for harsh language. But it doesn’t call for rewriting history. More to come on the history of gridlock and who’s to blame.

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