Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mitt Romney the Conformist?

Mitt Romney has all but secured the GOP presidential nomination. Since he has won the hearts of his right-wing constituency, does Mitt Romney need to drift away from his entrenched stance of conservatism to somewhere in the middle? In his quest for GOP nomination, Republican opponents forced Romney’s neutral hand, pushing him into a conservative stance, which “culminated in his somewhat plaintive declaration that he was ‘severely’ conservative.”

Now, as Romney seeks the favor of a more central America, can he reinvigorate his image as a neutral candidate that has sweeping appeal? Even Abraham Lincoln “tailored his messages to the audience or electorate he was try to woo.” Romney recognizes that his Republican constituency is not indicative of the political pulse of our nation, as a whole. He must be appealing to the average American.

The ultimate success of this strategy hinges upon the question of ‘what is the average American?’. In such a widely recognized hyper-partisan nation, is there truly a middle? If Romney pleads “moderate” across many issues, will any of the highly opinionated population be able to relate to him? His candidacy could expose a great deal about the political division that is entrenched as a pillar of contemporary political climate.

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