Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Gridlock does it again

In the article called Reid draws line against keystone, the main issue being deal with is the attempt to pass a new piece of legislation that would fund transportation systems.  However, once again gridlock has prevented the passage of the bill due to conflicting interests between parties.  The Republicans in the house attempted to add onto the bill a clause that would also approve of the construction of the Keystone pipeline.  This is an  issue that the Democrats are very set against passing and the Democratic majority in the Senate are not letting the new amended version of the bill pass.

The Republicans are trying to essentially hold the new highway transportation funding bill hostage and the price for its release will be the construction of the Keystone pipeline, impeding what alone was a decent bill that both sides had no qualms about.


  1. Blaming the Republicans seems to be in vogue today. The Republicans are "holding hostage" a spending bill during a time where they are asking the government to show fiscal constraint. If we look at it from this point, rather than the highway bill being a good bill, it is a one-sided concession. Adding on the Keystone pipeline- which would add thousands of jobs, alleviate energy prices, and have low environmental impact makes this a more equitable deal.

  2. In agreement with Matt, the Keystone pipeline seems to propose a more positive impact to society than negative. There has been much debates by both Conservative and Liberal representatives in congress, with many on both sides opposing Obama. This could be good for the Gridlock problem as Congress begins to unify, even if they oppose the presidents plans - presenting a more healthy and proactive form of checks and balances.