Thursday, April 19, 2012

Can Romney Move to The Center?

"'I support pro-choice,' he says. 'My opponent is multiple choice.' The line drew a burst of applause." --Ted Kennedy

As we have discussed in class before, there are some politicians who see fit to appeal solely to the base of voters who put them into office, willfully casting aside the potential support of constituents outside of their party. With instances of gerrymandering and noncompetitive districts these politicians can afford to do this. However, how does one running for the highest elected office at once please the most impassioned and devoted voters of their party while maintaining a persona that can still appeal to those still on the fence? This is, in my opinion, the insurmountable problem for Mitt Romney in this year's election. Forced to win over the support of voters who wanted a candidate as impassioned and steadfast in their beliefs as they are, Mitt Romney readily changed even some of his most fundamental positions on issues central to who people choose to vote for. Despite obvious struggles to make these changes skillfully Romney has pretty much won the Republican nomination but I believe the price he paid for that victory politically was too great. It will be nearly impossible for Romney to shift his views yet again and appeal to the center, first because it will come of as wholly disingenuous, and second because it will signal to all of us that he is ill prepared for the strong will and self assurance necessary for assuming the position of Commander in Chief.

--Roberto Rivera


  1. Romney could be the candidate most able to bring the country into a more centrist state. In comparison to the 2008 elections, he presents a much less radical shift in policy change. There is still a lot to be examined in his campaign as he focuses his aim from the Republican to the Presidential nomination.

  2. I completely agree that Mitt Romney has put himself in a tough position heading into this election. He has forced himself to the extremes and come election time this could hurt him. However, I think it will be important for him to re-center himself. I think that Mitt Romney really is the “Moderate Mitt” that is mentioned in the article and that by moving towards the center, he may be able to attract the democrats who are particularly upset about Obama’s first term.