Monday, March 26, 2012

Obama Backslides

Before being elected President Obama rightly criticized "Washington elites" for giving campaign donors special privileges. However, the President has failed to abide by his own standards and now frequently hosts big campaign donors for meetings with top advisers, state dinners, and parties. President Obama also criticized Super PAC fund raising groups which he called a "threat to democracy." However, now several Super PACs have been created to support the President's reelection.

President Obama's changed stance on these two important issues is troubling. First, inviting big donors to meetings with top advisers opens the door to an inappropriate levels of influence for donors. Furthermore, by surrounding himself with donors the President risks distancing himself from mainstream perspective. Similarly, Obama was correct in finding the fundraising power of Super PACs disturbing. By allowing unlimited contributions from corporations and other sources Super PACs are a potentially vast source of money that can sway elections. Obama should return to his initial positions and quit acting like the same "Washington elites" he once criticized.

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  1. I see you point on Obama's apparent hypocrisy. Unfortunately, I think the reality of the situation is that we will never see the kind of campaign finance reform Obama argues for unless big-name donors and Super PAC's support said campaign finance reform. I think this is a situation where the ends justify the means.