Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Getting to Yes In the House

Check out Charles Babington's excellent analysis about why, despite the Gang of Six breakthrough yesterday, it is going to be very hard to cobble together a majority of 217 for any debt extension in the House. GOP leaders estimate at least 38, and maybe many more, Republicans will not vote for any debt limit increase (beyond the one contained in Cut, Cap & Balance). This means that Boehner will have to have a bill to entice at least some Democrats - but most of the moderates in the Democratic caucus lost in the last election. Any bill that Nancy Pelosi could agree to will lose even more Republicans. The Speaker has a very difficult leadership challenge on his hands. And if you have to bring a bill to the floor that wins more Democratic votes than Republican ones on a defining issue like this one -- that is a way you lose the Speakership.

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