Friday, October 1, 2010

Lots of travelling this past week

Been out of blogging for the past week...lots of traveling to the HRSA negotiated rulemaking committee, and two conferences....and just couldn't find the time. At one of the conferences I attended (a provider group), it was interesting how many people wanted to 'repeal Obamacare' but had no real sense of what they wanted to come in its place. The default is quite bad, with the private insurance system straining mightily during the recession, as the number on Medicaid swells.

It appears that the Republicans are going to be very successful in the midterm election, and at this point it would be a surprise to me if they did not take over the House. I find myself hoping that they are being dishonest in saying they will repeal PPACA.....and that if they do gain the House that they will then actually seek to improve the law and add more cost savings potential to the law. I guess I am saying I hope they are just saying whatever it takes to get elected....and if they do get power, then they will seek to address the problems of the system in concrete ways.

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