Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Will the Center Hold or Fold?

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that he will provide support to candidates of either party and independents who focus on problem solving and compromise over rigid ideology. His endorsements span party lines, but the most eye-raising one is his support of Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid, who is fending off a challenge from Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle in Nevada. Bloomberg is endorsing a number of Democrats facing Tea Party candidates, but also Republican candidate for Governor of California - Meg Whitman, and Republican-turned-independent Lincoln Chafee for governor of Rhode Island.

Can Bloomberg's endorsement mark the beginning of a "movement" of moderates? Could it possibly counterbalance the energy of the Tea Party?

Could he join forces with Jon Stewart, who has set October 30 for his million moderate march on Washington?

Is a Bloomberg/Stewart ticket in the works for 2012?

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